Sunday, February 8, 2015

a lady who graces
this planet with
class and dignity.

We come across many people with all kinds of situations in our journey through life as a charity. We love helping people as much as we can and the rewards come in so many ways. We just finished spending the afternoon with a lady who graces this planet with class and dignity. She donated a gorgeous adjustable bed to us and it is a unique and specialized bed. It was also super heavy so we had to disassemble it and break it down so it was manageable. She lives in a beautiful condominium in one of this cities most prestigious neighborhoods. Her husband has had MS for thirty years and she has went through every stage of his disease with him. It took us awhile to break the adjustable down and we had our 4 year old with us. She entertained the little one and showered her with small nice gifts. Her hospitality was what the word was meant to mean; For she knows how to make people feel at home in her home. Her great attitude is certainly one to admire for she has suffered and endured for a great love; her husband, who she says looks as handsome as the day they were married. She is going to come visit us and in the event that she reads this we would like to say this to her; You are an inspiration. You have treated your husband with the utmost in respect over the span of a life time. If people measured up to your stature and ethics as a person we would have no wars and this planet would be singing together from the same page of life. You represent true love in a fashion that would only bring tears to the eyes of any groom on his wedding day should he marry a woman like yourself. You have shown us this world through your eyes and our once blurred vision, has now become crystal clear.  We shall adjust our attitude and become a better person. We are most inspired by people like yourself . . . and with the deepest of gratitude, we thank you.

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